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Staff descriptions & List

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Staff descriptions & List Empty Staff descriptions & List

Post by Randi on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:36 pm

Unicorns- Administrators of our forum. Admins overall take care of the forum, posts contests, fit all job descriptions, and if you ever need help they're always around!
Our Unicorns are:

Cookies- Forum moderators. Cookies watch over the forum and chat, watch that everyone behaves themselves; Moves, locks, and edits threads, also fit the job description of Kittens, and are here to help!
Our Cookies are:

Kittens- Chat moderators. Kittens watch over chat, making sure everyone follows the rules. They have the ability to clear, kick, and ban from chat.
Our Kittens are:

Glitters- Graphic artists. Glitters are requested to do all types of things; From banners, to wallpapers, to buttons and more!
Our Glitters are:

Puppies- Trade moderators. Trade moderators watch over the Trading section making sure all trades are fair and follow the trading rules, and give opinions to whether a trade is fair or not. If you need help with a trade they're the ones to go to!
Our Puppies are:

Bubbles- Bubbles are our Graphic Challenge hosts! They are to post the new weeks challenge and pick the winner.
Our Bubbles are:

Potatoes- Potatoes are our Fashion Challenge hosts! They are to post the new weeks challenge and pick the winner.
Our Potatoes are:

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